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Opus 20



The instrument, made by Bennett/Giuttari, after Manderscheit, Nüremberg, 17th century organs.  It is a single-manual instrument with four ranks of pipes (8', 4', 2' flutes and 8' regal) with the 2' flute and 8' regal interchangeable.  All ranks have split registers allowing this instrument to offer a wide range of musical colors.  Fretted panels on the side and top of the instrument control the egress of sound.  The instrument's voicing is ideal for solo, instrumental and choral ensemble settings.  Transposing keyboard (A-415, A-430, A-440) can be tuned to any temperament.


The base rental price is $400. Minimum delivery/pick-up charge is $200.


Hear the organ:

8', 4'

4', Regal

8', 4', Regal

Jhon, Come Kisse Me Now
by William Byrd


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